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Corporate Social

CSR Philosophy

At Grihum, our CSR philosophy revolves around uplifting lives and elevating the dignity of individuals within the affordable housing sector. Committed to fostering sustainable communities, we dedicate our efforts to empowering the ACE (Affordable Construction Ecosystem) community. Through targeted initiatives, we aim to enhance their skills, provide better livelihood opportunities, and education opportunities for their kids, and support them in upskilling their knowledge for the quality of construction of affordable homes. Our commitment to this cause not only transforms physical spaces but also creates a positive ripple effect, touching lives and nurturing a sense of pride within these vital communities.






Lives Touched


Employee Participation.

Khushiyon Ka Angan

In rural and semi-urban India, many girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds encounter a significant obstacle to their education: unpaid school fees. Our initiative, Khushiyon Ka Angan is dedicated to promoting educational equity by ensuring these girls have the support they need to continue their schooling. We at Grihum believe in the intrinsic value of every girl child, recognizing her as the cornerstone of our collective future. Thus, we invest in building a brighter tomorrow wherein our program encourages a sense of collective responsibility, ensuring that every girl child has the opportunity to unlock her full potential.

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Swayam aims to encourage our employees to contribute their ideas for giving back to society. We believe in the power of collective action and are committed to making a positive impact on our communities. As part of this initiative, we distributed RO machines to police stations in various locations to provide them with safe drinking water, which is a basic need for every individual.

Hunar Se Parichay

Hunar Se Parichay focuses on skill development, empowering, marginalised individuals with disabilities, underprivileged men and women, and unemployed youth. Through this initiative we supported individuals wherein they are taught skills which enhance their employability.

Furthermore, under the company’s apprenticeship program, over 200 Individuals were given the opportunity to learn & work in a professional environment.

Through Hunar Se Parichay, the beneficiaries gained valuable skills, which fostered a sense of self-sufficiency and enabled employability. This multifaceted approach aims to create lasting impact, uplift communities, transform lives, achieve financial independence, and lead a life with dignity.

Swasthya Ke Saath

Swasthya Ke Saath, Focuses on the well-being of school-aged children. Through our efforts, we have arranged eye and health check-up camps to encourage healthy living among these children. Our objective is to ensure that every child receives the proper care and attention they need for a healthy future. Ultimately, our mission is to create a healthier community and bring joy to the faces of those we serve during these check-up camps.


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