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Loan Against Property in Ahmedabad

Loan Against Property in Ahmedabad

Loan Against Property in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the next commercial capital after Mumbai on the West coast of India. With a high population and rapid commercial growth, the city remains a major attraction for real estate investment in residential housing. The city boasts of concentric road network with a satellite city and medium to large housing projects. The city has piqued the interest of Non-resident Indian (NRI) investors as well. GIFT city, the Golden Quadrilateral and the new airports provide the much-needed infrastructure support to the people.

It is no surprise that Ahmedabad is an ideal homeowner’s dream city. With interest rates hovering in the lower ends for the last three years, this seems like an opportune time to invest in a property with Mortgage loan in Ahmedabad. You can easily avail of a LAP against one existing property and use this loan to invest in another property.

If you already own multiple properties - residential or commercial and you can pay your EMIs timely, you can consider taking a Loan Against Property in Ahmedabad. This is an under-used mechanism to create a corpus as and when required for meeting unforeseen financial expenses or even to make lucrative investments that can fetch you high returns on your investments.

To avail of a Loan Against Property with competitive interest rates in Ahmedabad, you can consider Grihum Housing. With more than 170+ branches across the country, we offer specially curated LAP Loan in Ahmedabad, among other major cities in India.

You can get a preliminary quote on our website with our easy-to-use Loan Against Property calculator.

Features and Benefits:

Now you can unlock the real value of your property with these unique features and benefits of Loan Against Property from Grihum Housing:

High LTV:
An important aspect of mortgaging your property is Loan-to-value (LTV) against your property. To meet your personal and business monetary requirements, a higher LTV than most providers will make your mortgage worthwhile.

Quick and Easy Repayment:
Easily take loans for a longer tenure with smaller EMI amounts. You can easily keep a track of your EMIs and ensure continued availability of liquidity.

Quick loan processing:
You may need funds to meet emergency expenses. We ensure faster processing of your loan application backed by a robust loan approval system.

Loan against property documents required by us are simple and minimal. This relieves you of the stress of getting the loan sanctioned.

Competitive interest rates:
Loans can be taken at competitive rates as our Loan Against Property eligibility criteria is set to benefit borrowers across all income segments.

Loan Capital:
The option of availing of a loan amount ranging from Rs.5 lakh up to Rs.25 lakh is available.

No hidden charges:
All fees and charges are communicated upfront with no hidden costs charged later during processing or loan repayment.

Loan against different properties:
We fcover a vast range of properties such as warehouses, commercial properties or even residential properties against which you can avail a loan.

Real estate in Ahmedabad is bound to grow and flourish in the coming years. It is advisable to mark your ownership when affordable interest rates and promising features of LAP are available with Grihum Housing.

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